Sticks Multi Hook Coat Rack

Maintaining the corridors with all coats and accessories arranged and organized is always a challenge, especially in small spaces. Turn your entrance into a stylish and modern space.

Introduce multi-hook sticks by Ambra

Sticks Multi Hook is a practical, sculpted wall shelf that gives you plenty of space to hang in all areas of your home, office or bedroom. This versatile and decorative coat hanger meets all your outstanding personal needs such as coats, scarves, wallets, umbrellas, bathrobes, towels, accessories or even light cleaning tools such as brooms, sweepers and more. The deceptive design of the sticks at first sight looks like a modern piece of art until it boasts its smart design with 5 foldable hooks that can be flipped when not in use, providing a clean, smooth appearance perfect for tight spaces or minimalist decor patterns. Each hook holds a staggering 5 lbs per hook which makes it a powerful assistant to keep your home better organized. Sticks Multi Hook combines functionality, versatility and design that you’ll instantly love.

Available in a range of finishes, this coat is made of cast wood with 5 hooks from the bottom 19 inches 2 inches 7 x 4 inches one inch. The stick comes with fixing devices, making it hang on the wall with super ease and speed. This cover rack gives you a smooth and floating look.


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