Pokeball Herb Grinder

3 Reasons Why You Want This

•>•> 1. ITS QUALITY AND NOT CHEAPLY MADE – This grinder is like.. if those other pokeball grinders decided to Evolve. It’s way better. The feel/ the grinding teeth / the pollen sifter / everything. Trust us. DON’T SETTLE with competitors

•>•> 2. If your gonna have a grinder.. why shouldn’t it be one that reminded you of your childhood every time you used it or even looked at it!

•>•> 3. This makes THE PERFECT GIFT. This is not a gift you give someone and they pretend to be surprised. They will genuinely light up when they open it and see what it is.

SO BUY THIS NOW! Click [Add to Cart].. Before we run out of stock. Which we might..

Oh and check out our other Official Grinders too 😉


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