MAAD Fries on the Fly Multi-Purpose Universal Car French Fry Holder

Few things in life are as satisfying as driving while munching on delicious fast-food fries. Junk food lovers everywhere agree wholeheartedly on that one. But sometimes those little fry boxes can get greasy, meaning wedging them between your thighs while driving is not always a good option. (ie: the thigh/crotch area is not a good area for grease stains) Well, worry no more! You can have your beloved fries AND eat them while driving, too, without any greasy mess or embarrassing stains!

MAAD’s multi-purpose “Fries on the Fly” holder fits standard automotive cup holders, and is dishwasher-safe, making it super convenient. And for those drives with no fries (#sad), you can use it to hold your cell phone, a wallet, your kid’s juice box, or other items that just don’t fit well into a round drink holder.

Have your junk food fix securely at your fingertips. If you have to hit the brakes suddenly, your precious fries will stay put in the holder and not hurtle to the floor. Nothing says “bummer!” like delicious, crispy golden fries on the floor. Your cell phone will thank you, too, as they really don’t enjoy flying.

The “Fries on the Fly” holder is the ultimate novelty gift for anyone who loves to chomp fries in their car… and really, who doesn’t? It’s the perfect gift for the man or woman who has everything – gadget-geeks, in particular, will squeal with glee at this clever, low-tech marvel. Need the perfect white elephant gift that anyone would love? “Fries on the Fly” is that gift. And what better gag gift for the “I only eat organic/gluten-free/tantric food” crowd… because you KNOW they have secret dreams of devouring a box of deep-fried decadence while driving their hybrid to yoga class… because they’re still human, after all.


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