Cupsy Sofa and Couch Armchair Drink Organizer and Recliner

Cupsy – imagine your peaceful life without lost remotes and couch stains! This eye-opening portable drink organizer is engineered for stability and has sturdy removable legs to securely keep your drinks from spilling, and your cell phone and other devices from getting lost. It looks like a car cup holder, but since it’s portable, you can conveniently use it both around the house and outdoors, on the couch, in bed, even as floating cup holder. Don’t forget to add durable cup holders to the back seat of your car, truck or RV! Available in three different colors(Beach Sand, Coffee, Midnight)– you’ll find a rugged Cupsy that’s perfect for you. The handy Cupsy design enables use by everyone in the family: Grandma uses the helpful Cupsy to safely hold coffee in bed, Dad conveniently drinks a beverage while watching the big game in the armchair recliner, Mom relaxes with a cup of tea while reading on the couch , the kids play video games on the table with a stable place to keep their milk glasses, and baby’s sippy cup and snacks are safely kept from spilling in the Cupsy tray. Then take yourself outside and conveniently keep sunscreen and water bottles securely out of the sand. You’ll never want to be without your handy portable Cupsy! The rugged design of the Cupsy will securely hold most large drinks and there is plenty of storage – the Cupsy will safely hold a coffee cup, wine glass, pint glass, cell phone and TV remote simultaneously! We also made it tough, from the same high quality polypropylene that the military uses in their rock solid equipment cases. We’re focused on building the most robust, highest quality product possible, so you will enjoy a lifetime from drink spills. Save yourself from the hassle and expense of spilled drinks and missing remotes, cell phones, etc by ordering your Cupsy today.


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