Eye Catching Watches To Buy

Matrix Blue LED Digital Watch

Japanese quart movement is accurate and keep good time.
LED watch, elegant appearance, creative display time mode.
Double open stainless steel buckle, wear more convenient and solid.
Fashionable, very charming for all occasions. Amazing looking, great gift for boyfriends.One of the best Eye Catching Watches.


Matrix Blue LED Digital Watch ​

Leather Sports Eye Catching Watch

Imported original Japanese quartz movement

Special shape windows, large face size,

Supports dual time zone display

Arabic numerals display, easy to read

The leather band runs smoothly around your wrist, ensuring a perfect fit, and a safety closure will not harm your skin or cloth

The main scratch-resistant metal glass surface, solid metal watch case and back.


Leather Sports Watch​

Luxury Automatic Mechanical Watch

High quality leather band gives you a new classic definition. Skeleton dial design reveals your trendy view. The stainless steel watch case makes the watch more durable.
Luminous indicator, ensures you clear visibility to check the time in the dark. (Need to absorb light energy storage)
Color may not appear exactly as in real life due to differences between computer monitors and eye color difference.


Luxury Automatic Mechanical Watch ​

Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Alchemy Gothic

Measurement of time decay using the Carnutus II law of thermodynamics. With 35mm dia. The quartz movement is unique, the “galvanometer” watch face. With magnetic link slot. One size adjustable.This is the most expensive watch in our list of most Eye Catching Watches


Steam-Powered Entropy Calibrator Alchemy Gothic​

Eye Watch

Iris rotates, hypnotic of seconds. Time will not pass in the blink of an eye when you have the watch you are watching because this eye never blinks.
It features a 38mm diameter, genuine leather strap, and a Japanese quartz movement.
The battery is included and comes packed in a beautiful tin display box.
Protected by 1 year manufacturer warranty.
Click “The Unemployed Philosophers Guild” near the product title to see more great gifts. UPG really has gifts for the mind.


Eye Watch​

Dual time Japan Brass Antiqua Steampunk Travel Watch

Verne Voyage – Dual time zone travel clock with Japan Steampunk design. Antique weathering is finished with large double-width watch movements (home). Unique design in high quality implementation. The strap is made of military green tarp. The box size is 45 mm and the lug size is 24 mm (Note the details of the articulated lug) Brand new, with unique gift packaging and under warranty. – High quality materials, finish and construction – 45 mm case – Unique articulated lugs with 24 mm hemp strap – Japan movements (citizen made) (watches use separate movements for each time zone) – Silver oxide batteries for long life and anti-corrosion


Eye Catching Watch

Lava Stainless Steel RED LED Digital Bracelet Watch

It’s a 12-hour display, when there is a dot to the left of the top LED light, it means it’s time.
STYLISH & COOL: Unique anonymous and energy-saving design – the screen lights up to show time when you press the top button. Can display hour, minute, month, date and year with different operation of buttons. Easy to use Convenient and flexible buckle closure.
No water resistance
Material: Steel Clasp: Exclusive fold-lock design


Lava Stainless Steel RED LED Digital Bracelet Watch​

Dragon Collection Waterproof Gold Skeleton Watch

“G-Dragon” gilded dial for men
Gilded case with soft leather strap for comfortable wearing
Artificial sapphire glass and 21 automatic movement jewels
Water resistant up to 99 feet (30 meters), resists rain and water splashes
Packing list: original box and warranty card, very suitable as a gift


Dragon Watch
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