10 Best Color Night Vision Cameras To Buy

1.Aurora Day/Night Color Night Vision HD Action Camera

Color Night Vision Cameras
Color Night Vision Cameras

Aurora by Sionyx lets you see the night around you with colorful clarity. It displays your view in bright colors instead of the traditional green night vision. Use it to view and record during night fishing, night sports and explore night trails.It is one of the best Color Night Vision Cameras in the market right now.

Aurora line will transform the way you see at night shadows and distorted images are a thing of the past. Aurora cameras provide color tones to give you a clear picture of your surroundings – even in the dark. Use it for hunting, fishing or exercising at night. It’s not just cameras, it’s an experience.

Our Thoughts

It has great benefit from the use of high-end DSLRs for taking long exposures and time lapse sequences of natural phenomena. I don’t see SiOnyx Aurora as a replacement for my devices but rather a complement.

I’ll let my high-end DSLRs do the best they can – capture the time lapse sequence of my scientific films – and use Aurora to capture nighttime videos that allow me to show phenomena in my scientific lectures (for example, how fast the Northern Lights seems to be moving). As a scientific , using portable video clip shots in real time, especially with sound, help me bring audiences closer to the natural phenomena that I present. And as a photographer, the fact that I can take this camera out of my pocket and get ready to shoot In seconds is a big plus.

2. Weatherproof PTZ Camera with Two Way Audio Motion Detection Colorful Night Vision

Color Night Vision Cameras

  • Wifi camera 2MP 1920 * 1080P, 4x digital zoom, display more clear and more detailed picture.
  • The pan tilt is 320 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertical rotation can achieve a panoramic image.
  • Full-color night vision mode and infrared night vision mode, are variety of night vision effects.
  • The built-in external home camera is the speaker and the anti-noise filter microphone let you talk to a stranger outside under the camera.
  • When motion is detected your phone will receive a push camera notification.
  • IP65 weatherproof camera, adapt to all kinds of weather. Such as heavy rain, thunder etc.
Color Night Vision Cameras
Color Night Vision Cameras

Our Thoughts

This was the first security camera in our office, so I’m worried about maybe i’will have problems installing the camera,but installation is easy with guide. The camera is packaged very well, and the built-in instructions for setting it up are very good. I downloaded and ran the Android app and was very happy with the full functionality of the app. One problem, the camera does not support WiFi 5G.Over all not a bad option for value.

3. Lorex 4K Weatherproof Color Night Vision Cameras With Awesome Features

Color Night Vision Cameras

Experience professional degree security with Lorex. Get 4, 4K bullet cameras with color night vision of up to 150 feet, and the convenience is easy knowing you will have clear shots, no matter what time of day. Bidirectional talking lets you listen and talk to anyone on your site. 4K Ultra HD DVR supports up to 8 cameras supported by a 2TB HDD, and makes it easy for you to know that your home and property are in good hands. Connect your smartphone or tablet to Lorex Cloud and keep your eyes on what matters most from anywhere.


Perfect, at first. After one month of use, the camera failed and was unable to connect to the network. The IP address of the second camera is not recognized.

We have 4 of 6 cameras working and the quality is an enormous upgrade of 1080p. License plates can be read at a distance of 20 feet horizontally, and 30 minutes from the real eye drop.

DVR is very easy to use compared to other models you have tried.

The system still works fine and provides video quality. I decided to make my farm look like a baseball diamond and install commercial LED area lights. These are very bright camera records in color throughout the night. (Otherwise, infrared night vision for night vision). This makes me feel that I live very safely and complements the security system well.

4. The Reolink Argus 2  Color Night Vision, Motion Sensor Camera With Solar Panel

Color Night Vision Cameras

2.4GHz WiFi network connections – really wireless

With 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, the wireless solar powered camera does not come with any offline network.

Easy to setup and install

Easy to do initial setup with network in a few minutes. After that, it can record on sd card and make voice alarm without Wi-Fi. If you want to access your security camera locally or remotely, you can connect your device and cameras to the same network (LAN) or Internet (WAN).

Enhanced color for night vision

Watching your home in 1080HD video. The 850nm CMOS star light sensor and 850nm infrared LEDs provide a clearer color night vision up to 33 feet even at night. 130 ° wide viewing angle can cover and see a wider field of view.

Our Thoughts

Although it’s not a high-performance security camera, the Reolink Argus 2 represents good value. Despite the pixels, his video capture is clear enough so we can recognize faces. We were particularly impressed with capturing a colorful night vision. Despite our anger at some quirks in mobile apps, we found that the simplified interface provided all the basics, including reliable monitoring even thought a few false alerts. If you’re looking for cloud storage space, similar-priced Blink XT offers it for free, but lacks bidirectional sound. However, if local video storage is all you need, Argus 2 is a budget security camera worth considering.

5. LeeKooLuu Waterproof Color Night Vision High-Speed Observation System

Color Night Vision Cameras

This system can be used on RVs.Trailers, Box Truck / Motorhomes, fifth wheels and so on. The screen can adjust the automatic start / stop and power on / off, it comes with  car charger adapter with on / off switch to control the screen. The IP69K camera enables you to work well on rainy days, water resistant with 18 LED infrared night vision .The backup directory lines can be turned on / off and switched between rear view / side view / rear view

360 degree rotating bracket: 360 degree rotating bracket, strong suction and washable mount, mount for removable and reusable screen. Also  bracket adapter and pigtail wire pigtail plug provided and is compatible with Furrion pre-wired bracket.


This system came with two cameras. I used one for the exterior and the other one for interior. Picture quality is very good and installing is pretty straightforward. Had no problems with pairing cameras, as it came already plug and play /paired. Many different mounting configuration can be used, they come in the kit. Range seemed to be very strong, had travel trailer in back yard and truck in front of the house and the cameras connected great.My wife had a little makeup carrying case and the monitor fit in there just perfectly.

I towed my 29 foot travel trailer 2600 miles and didn’t have any problems with picture quality. the only time i have minor issues is in a busy city with a lot of interference. I did have to add a 1/2 inch block to mounting bracket so i can get more tilt on camera angle. very pleased with this system.

6. Hiseeu Indoor WiFi Camera Pet,Baby monitor Infrared/full-color night vision, Two-Way Audio, Works with Alex

Color Night Vision Cameras
Color Night Vision Cameras

The most unique design
Unlike ordinary cameras, this camera uses the design of LED magnetic lamp. It can meet the requirements of all consumers. IPC360 application can adjust the brightness of LED lamp. The LED light is magnetic separated, if you don’t want the light, you can wear it.

Motion tracking / motion detection
Unique motion tracking technology detects any hidden motion. Automatic stirring with a moving person. Send you mobile device detection information when a moving object is detected.

Check in your home anytime with 24/7 live streaming. Receive instant app feedback wherever you are, when motion or sound is detected.

Our Thoughts

We’ve been slowly adding extra security cameras throughout our house because we were renting out rooms. Allows us to monitor what is going on in our house even when we are not at home. We love the notifications it sends to us when it detects motion anywhere in the cameras view.

We used a bidirectional speaker to talk to our animals while working. 360 veiw makes one of the most comprehensive and complete camera for our needs, one camera covers two full rooms and saves us from having to buy more for the same two rooms.

I would highly recommend this camera to family and friends

7. LANMODO Car Color Night Vision Waterproof Camera

According to the European Automobile Commission, 50% of accidents occur at night. The majority of road accidents occur at night due to poor vision. The LANMODO night vision system is attributed to increased driver perception and distance visibility in dark or bad weather beyond the reach of the vehicle’s headlights. Meanwhile, the LANMODO infrared night vision camera is suitable for almost all kinds of cars and trucks.

The ability to judge the distance at night is usually reduced. About 90% of the driver’s decisions are made based on what they see. However, the limited light causes many night vision issues which seriously increase the number of accidents. LANMODO car night vision camera is handy and one of the most useful Color Night Vision Cameras .

Our Thoughts

The LANMODO night color vision camera uses infrared light to create a clear and bright color image on the screen, even in low light and bad weather conditions. The large screen has a resolution of 1080 pixels, providing enlarged views of the road and obstacles ahead. While it loses some value points by not including the ability to record video, as a purely night vision assistant, it does its job well. If you are driving often at night or in bad weather or want a better view, LANMODO is a good choice for your camera.

8. TourAlle 1080P WiFi Surveillance Color Night Vision Cameras,Compatible with Alexa

Color Night Vision Cameras
Color Night Vision Cameras

TourAlle now offers a reliable external security camera for your life and property. This external WiFi camera provides 1080p image in DAY & NIGHT. This enables you to monitor your home / store / office / warehouse 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via iOS / Android devices. What TourAlle offers is to ensure that you keep criminals away from your life by paying this reasonable cost!

A dual Wi-Fi antenna design to enhance Wi-Fi connectivity and combined white LEDs, infrared lamps, infrared parts (dual filter) and motion detection sensor together, providing full-color night vision. Company made efforts to improve the app and cloud services as well. Now, they offer you a better product and the mission is to make your life and property safer.


The camera was easy to setup & install. They provide step by step instructions to connect to your WiFi and to get the mobile app up and running.
They offer a cloud storage service, but i opted to install a 32g micro sd card directly in the camera for internal storage. There are options to record non stop, or events only. Also has a schedule option to record. When recording non stop it is using around 1.2gb per day. That would be about 25 days of 24-7 footage. We changed it to event recording and guessing that will be 2 months or more.
I might give 4 of 5 stars due to the motion sensing, at its lowest setting, picks up everything that moves. Had to disable the notifications to my phone due to it sending every minute or so. I guess if your location doesn’t have much activity, that would be good.
Overall it a good value for the money.

9. LaView 8 Channel 5MP Business and Home Security Color Night Vision Cameras

Color Night Vision Cameras

5 MP (2560 x 1920)
IP67 weatherproof – all weather use
65ft full color or black / white IR night vision
Mobile display with Full HD live streaming and playback
Custom motion detection with mobile push notification
HD DVR with 1TB HDD degree control
H.265 + compression increases storage space

Use current wiring for trouble-free upgrade
Apply this security camera system seamlessly to your home or business to upgrade your old technology. Backward compatibility will allow you to use existing BNC cable wires with new 5MP HD cameras and DVR with ease.


We looked at a lot of different camera settings and this seems to be the best bang for the buck. Quality, ease of use and great remote viewing apps! We used setups like Arlo in the past because they were wireless, but our new site had space to operate the wires easily and we were not disappointed by this setup at all! I would say I recommend getting more cameras than you need in the package because it was difficult to get additional cameras after. Saving money in the long run will get you more than you think you need.

10. Bestguarder NV-900 4.5X40mm Digital Night Vision Binocular with Time Lapse Function

Color Night Vision Cameras

Bestguarder NV-900 is a handheld or handfree digital night vision display system that uses an infrared-sensitive CMOS sensor. Fully increase light transmission and reduce glare.

NV-900 has ergonomic design and easy grip with more exquisite production process. Significant improvement has been made on CMOS sensor, image and video resolution, optical zoom, objective aperture, digital zoom, etc. The NV-900 also comes with some new functions including time lapse, multiple image capture, GPS sealed ID etc., all these improvements make NV-900 more robust and easy to operate.


From the 4.5x optical zoom rate, you’ll see things very far away. Night vision alone lets you get up to 1,300 feet of clear, bright images, and that’s really cool. This is more than you need on most fishing trips.

Aim at anything and watch the TFT screen, and you’ll get crystal clear view of your prey. With LED lighting or infrared technology, nothing can get away from your vision. I’m not a fan of the fact that it uses AA batteries, but that means I won’t run out of lithium ions, so there’s ups and downs in it.

There is a lot to cover. The waterproof IPX4 rating is good enough to withstand light rain, but it is not submersible. When it comes to physically recording images then you can use Interval mode and playback from a 32GB SD card (not included) to see the patterns in which your prey moves.

In short, it’s a very cool equipment, covering almost everything you need for optics on a hunting trip.

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